The Phinishing Touch

IMG_4865 Home Sweet home. This is my first trip this season to my 1.6 billion dollar home away from home, The Meadowlands. IMG_4872 IMG_4876 I ran into Jets Twit founder Erik Manassey over in L7.

IMG_4880 IMG_4884 A motorized scooter rally. I was shocked at how fast these things go (they top out at 13 mph). It gave me the idea to have a pre game, Mario Kart-esque cooler race around the stadium where you had to stop in certain sections of the lot, get off and chug a beer. I’m pretty sure some people wouldn’t make it though.IMG_4887 IMG_4895 “The Sacreligious Exchange”. Thanks to Kurt Paschke, Jets superfans who have tricked out mini busses will now be viewed with a jaundiced eye.IMG_4903 The Dolphins miss a TD. Dolphins FG’s and incomplete Geno passes were the theme of the first half.IMG_4904IMG_4906My birthday is December 2nd. On that day last year, Mark Sanchez was finally (but unfortunately not permanently) benched at half time of a 7-6 shoot out here with the Cardinals. This year it was a day early, but at halftime there was another non permanent changing of the guard: Matt Simms took over.

IMG_4907 I had heard that there was new food at Jets games and it wasn’t good (worst dumplings ever i heard). I noticed this new taco stand but but I didn’t even give it a chance. I’m so over stadium food.

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 6.50.25 PMAt halftime my friends saw Dolphins fan celebrity Jionni LaValle (Snooki’s baby’s dad) in the Captain Morgans lounge. Jionni was born and raised in NJ, but its a Dolphins fan, so he is what Red Sox fans call, a “trader”.IMG_4909 Hey Mangold, what are you doing up here, get back on the field!IMG_4923 There were a lot of security interventions in the crowd. Below is a video I shot of some Richie Incognito-ish behavior. The aggressor was kicked out of the game.

IMG_4927 A Dolphins fan doing the Jet celebration as the sore got out of hand. I Tebowed the Joe Robbie plaza after a Jets win in Miami last year, I deserve every bit of this.IMG_4930 The newly finished World Trade Center in the background, NY is back baby! Except for in sports. Both the Jets and Giants are missing the playoffs. Eli Manning is 34 years old, Tom Coughlin is 200.

The Knicks and Nets are both laughing stocks of the NBA with the two worst records in the league. on top of that, the Nets traded all their future draft picks to the divisional/geographical/cultural rival, Boston.

The Yankees are on a downward spiral and fans recently had to see two icons (Jeter and Mo) suffer through brutal injuries (Mo was just shagging fly balls), while also having to stomach a 3rd Red Sox World series. The Mets are…..well, the Mets. I don’t really follow hockey but I’m going to just go out on a limb and assume that its not New York’s time in that sport either.

It’s a really dark time to be a NY Sports fan, no matter who you root for.IMG_4932Possibly the best sports stadium addition ever: phone charging. I can’t count the times my phone has died at games and it’s royally screwed me, this is life changing.IMG_4935 This wasn’t a Dolphins home game, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the crowd in this picture. IMG_4949 This is the game in a microcosm: Matt Simms being chased around in an almost empty stadium (even the Dolphins fans were getting bored and leaving)IMG_4950So the Jets were blown out (or as Emmitt Smith would say, “blowed out”) by a division rival, Geno hit rock bottom, fans turned on Rex (only two weeks after pining for him to get an extension), but you know what? I had a great time, I hadn’t been here for 6 games, you don’t appreciate what you have until its gone, even if it’s terrible Jets home losses.

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