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The Jets 2012 Season in 150 Photos

Remember that time last year when I went to all 16 Jets games wearing a Tebow Mask and jersey?IMG_2824

IMG_2923In Game One, Fred Jackson injured his knee, opening the door for CJ Spiller to go nuclear on the Jets run defense.


IMG_2980The Bills tramp stamp.

IMG_2995This fan didn’t make it home for dinner. Don’t drink and drive.

IMG_3088IMG_3126Donyell Marshall sighting in Pittsburgh.

IMG_3166The Allegheny Burger: A burger topped with a potato pierogi, shaved kielbasa and onions in sauce. A favorite for the 2013 Stadium Food MVP.

IMG_3219IMG_3231Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 1.27.28 PMThe Jets lost in Pittsburgh but we still had fun.

IMG_3352In Miami we tailgated with a cousin of a friend from NY who is a Dolphins season ticket holder. Before I came down here I hated Dolphins fans but being around them made me realize that, unlike those freaks from Boston, they are just like us.

IMG_3361IMG_3453Santonio Holmes had arguably his finest game as a Jet, making up some for quitting against the Dolphins in the 2011 season finale.

IMG_3496Three generations of Tebow fans.

IMG_3514The Boss Lady.

IMG_3404Surprisingly Jets fans were the aggressors in a stadium that was evenly divided between the two fan bases.

We were some bad house guests.

IMG_3551IMG_3644Darrelle Revis walking off the field as a Jet for the last time ever.



This kid is so grounded.

IMG_3686After a tight three point win in OT, I respectfully Tebowed the Joe Robbie Alumni Plaza.

IMG_3704Back inĀ New York The Meadowlands, this guy unveiled the stadium vehicle of the year: the motorized beer cooler. We are not worthy.

IMG_3758IMG_3760IMG_3763IMG_3769IMG_3773A limo made the mistake of trying to ride too close to the stadium between L7 and L8. It was blockaded, almost boarded and molested.




The Jets were the first team to face the wrath of Colin Kaepernick as they surrendered basically 3 touchdowns (he slid at the 1 on his last run to run out the clock).

IMG_3810It was pretty sad how much red there was in the stadium.

IMG_4099IMG_4125IMG_4245IMG_4268NJ native Brian Cushing tore his ACL in his homecoming, It was really unfortunate.

IMG_4291Texans Super fan Paul Wall. I spotted him by his goattee.

IMG_4326Sack/fumble by Sanchez, already on pace to lead the league in turnovers for a second year in a row.

IMG_4352More sad Tebow fans.

IMG_4479Tailgate item of the year nominee, Alan Colodner’s cedar plank grilled salmon. And I don’t even like Salmon like that.IMG_4630IMG_4664IMG_4683I get to tell my kids I saw Andrew Luck play as a rookie. And the Jets beat him.


IMG_4784Welcome to Foxboro.

IMG_4807I swear on anything that as Trump’s helicopter was landing on the practice field, “Hate Me Now” by Nas started blaring over the stadium’s PA system.

IMG_4817IMG_4822$11 24oz Coronas, the best beer deal I’ve seen. Kudos to the Patriots for handling their concessions in house.

IMG_4884IMG_4857IMG_4858IMG_4879IMG_4882IMG_4914The closest Tim Tebow would come to scoring a touchdown for the Jets.


Some play happened where Mark Sanchez ended up Fifa ’13 kicking the football out of the back of the end zone for a safety. It wasn’t easy being a Jets fan there.

IMG_4961I’m just trolling now.

IMG_4967IMG_4974IMG_4985IMG_5011Some play where Tebow lined up as a wide receiver that didn’t work. #Creative

IMG_5021Sal Pal.

IMG_5045IMG_5056The gun show.

IMG_5067IMG_5178Jet Man, who has been gaining steam to inherent Fireman Ed’s old post as the league’s only publicly elected mascot.

IMG_5208More sad Tebow fans.

IMG_5300Actual photo of Mark Sanchez and a snapshot of our season.

IMG_5303Dolphins owner Stephen Ross soaking in a Dolphins win.

IMG_5305Hurricane Sandy was the day after this game.



Best place to to pregame: Pike Market. It’s a 10 minute walk away but their wide array of crustaceans is well worth it.

IMG_5619Ballerest tailgate ever.

IMG_5641Local suds.

IMG_5646Local buds. Marijuana had just been legalized in the state of Washington and this Jets fan wasted no time taking advantage of it.

IMG_5668Local grub: “Seattle Style” hotdogss are topped with grilled onions and creamcheese. They’re available everywhere and amazing.

IMG_5684IMG_5685Did someone order their Kyle Wilson well done?

IMG_5688IMG_5722Alleged Jets draft targets Russell Wilson and Bruce Irvin had strong showings.

IMG_5733Sanchez was up to another of his old tricks: firing turnovers in the red zone (he led the league in that too).

IMG_5735The defense fought on courageously.

IMG_5805The D scored the team’s only points, but couldn’t stop the Seahawks forever.


Screen-Shot-2013-06-25-at-2.41.43-PMOnce a year The Grifter and his crew do an away game road trip. This year it was St Louis. He picked me up the night before the game in a boozie golf cart being driven by a local named Finn who was the defacto mayor of the Sulyard bar district.

We rode on the sidewalk from bar to bar, five wasted Jets fans clinging to this golf cart being driven by a Rams fan. It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.
IMG_6227IMG_6286IMG_6381IMG_6373Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 9.15.30 AMThat time I was on TV and the announcer said “And there’s Tim Tebow with…… interesting hairstyle”.


IMG_6453IMG_6458IMG_6464People in the parking lot keep mistaking my friend’s Dad for Woody Johnson.

IMG_6468The free scarf the Jets gave everyone were awesome. Unfortunately for Jets fans, that’s where the awesomeness stopped.

IMG_6527For some reason there was a play where Bart Scott was asked to cover Shane Vereen in space. 70 yards later….


IMG_6530The Butt Fumble from my point of view. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This play was so epically bad that the Jets mascot left at halftime, deleted his twitter and retired. The Butt Fumble has to be rock bottom. It has to.


IMG_6556At least we got to see Lenny Kravitz perform.


If Thanksgiving wasn’t ruined for me before I found this sign, it was afterward.IMG_6653IMG_6675IMG_6696Kerry Rhodes picking off Mark Sanchez.

IMG_6728The Lobel’s steak sandwich is pretty good if you can stomach the $16 price tag.

IMG_6740IMG_6735For more spendthrift fans, there’s the option of wrapping your tailgate food in tin foil and bringing it in for free.

IMG_6773On my birthday, Mark Sanchez was benched for crimes against the Jets. In a cruel twist of the knife, Tim Tebow was passed over for Greg McElroy, who got the nod. A 7-6 shootout ensued.

IMG_6791IMG_6851IMG_6868IMG_6956IMG_6964IMG_6988IMG_6989Stadium cocktail of the year by far: the Surfer on Acid. It’s a sublime mix of Jagermeister, Malibu and pineapple juice.

IMG_7025IMG_7070Ellis Lankster’s Mom holding the ball he caught to make the game clinching interception.

IMG_7078 IMG_7075Partying in the stand after an away win is super fun, even if it’s costing you spots in the draft. *cough* *cough* Tavon Austin *cough*

IMG_7180IMG_7632IMG_7653 Mark Sanchez’ Dad.IMG_7649 Braylon’s first game back.IMG_7648IMG_7661IMG_7668IMG_7672Jets owner Woody Johnson accompanying the team onto the field.

IMG_7675IMG_7680Santonio still in a boot.

IMG_7681IMG_7699Tim Tebow made the best Jets throw of the day. He threw the ball away so the team could punt and have good field position. This was Tebow’s last pass as a Jet.

IMG_7791IMG_7794Warren Moon sighting.

IMG_7904IMG_7910IMG_7959IMG_7986Jets fans were pretty surly for the last home game of the year.

IMG_8052After the Jets lost, they handed out foam “Number 1″ hands to exiting fans. Thank you, you really shouldn’t have.

IMG_8086IMG_8093Buffalo looked exactly how you would expect it to.

IMG_8107IMG_8122We spent time in the parking lot arguing with Bills fans about who’s team would lose and get better draft positioning.

IMG_8183Quinton Coples is a major bright spot for the Jets moving forward. He and Wilkerson are big time pieces for a defense that remained elite no matter how disadvantaged they were by the Jets QB play.

IMG_8321IMG_8340CJ Spiller shredded the Jets once again.

IMG_8404This is a guy trying to hit Tebow with a hand warmer. I was shocked how many people got away with throwing snowballs. In the Met Life, if you throw a snowball, a CSI investigation opens up.

This was a throwback stadium in that regard.

IMG_8365Tebow Tebowing for the last time as a Jet. We all know he’s now a Patriot, the apparent heir apparent to 37 year old, newly weaponless Tom Brady. Only time will tell if my pro-Tebow ass was crazy or if the rest of the world was wrong.

IMG_8427IMG_8440The buzzer beater for Best Thing I Ate at a Jets Game All Year was the Buffalo wing soup from “The Roaming Buffalo” food truck. It tasted just like buffalo wings, it had bits and pieces of chicken, celery and an oil slick of rich and savory bleu cheese.

I completed the “perfect season”, going to every game. It may not have been a happy season, but it was definitely one that I, and I assume most Jets fans, will not forget any time soon.

I’ll be out on the road again (I don’t know about all 16 games though), but if you’re heading to any games, hit me up at and lets tailgate.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 3.46.31 PMThis photo essay is dedicated to James Gandolfini, Jets fan, acting legend and great guy. He will be missed at Met Life. I can take solace in the fact that he got to see the Jets win a Super Bowl.